How Decluttering Can Increase Inner Peace


Our house is tidy, clean, organized and cozy - for the most part. Yet I often find myself feeling edgy, unhappy, unproductive and, yes, almost, stressed in my home. Now, why is that? Why do I constantly feel the urge to take a big box and throw more things out? Free your mind. According to … [Continue reading]

Some Superheroes Don’t Wear Capes


I used to share Pinterest-pinned blog posts New York Times articles like “1001 Father/Daughter Dates”, “88 Things A Father Should Teach His Daughter”, or “How To Become Super Dad” with Mr. Thrasher. My intentions are noble. This is not about pushing or nagging or controlling (no, seriously). This is … [Continue reading]

First Day of (Pre)School | A Letter To My Daughter

Credits: Surprise Lily Designs on Etsy.

My sweet Emma, Tomorrow is your first day of school. It’s only preschool but for me (and Papa) it means a pretty big deal. It means another level of … [Continue reading]

Runaway Mom | Our Adoption


There comes a time when you have to choose between turning a page and closing a book. This is the last chapter of a book we have decided to … [Continue reading]

Fundraising, Favors And Festivities | Our Adoption

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Fundraising or not? Is it tacky, insensitive, desperate? If we decided to raise funds for our adoption, does that mean we don't trust God to provide? … [Continue reading]

The Home Study | Our Adoption


We have just completed the first interview for our home study. Now, friends and family are asking "how did it go?, "did you hear back already?" and we … [Continue reading]

Never A Bridesmaid… | A Life Lesson In Friendship


A few years ago, a friend told me about a Thank You card she had received from a girl saying that she was "grateful for their friendship in this … [Continue reading]

Called To Care | Our Adoption


We are adoptive parents. We are not just talking, blogging, praying or thinking about it. After completing yet another application and attending an … [Continue reading]

Let Go Of That Toy! | Be The Person You Want Your Child To Become


The other day something awful happened: Our babysitter quit. She will be working full time for another mother. (Imagine me throwing a time-out worthy … [Continue reading]

Easter Means New Beginnings | Tiny Treats


If the thought of your toddler twirling non-stop due to a massive sugar rush makes you nauseous, I might have just the right idea for a little Easter … [Continue reading]