First Day of (Pre)School | A Letter To My Daughter

Credits: Surprise Lily Designs on Etsy.

My sweet Emma, Tomorrow is your first day of school. It’s only preschool but for me (and Papa) it means a pretty big deal. It means another level of letting go. When I went back to work after staying home with you for the past three years, you had to go to daycare every day. Compared to preschool, … [Continue reading]

Runaway Mom | Our Adoption


There comes a time when you have to choose between turning a page and closing a book. This is the last chapter of a book we have decided to close. Sitting in front of this empty page, not knowing where to start. The white computer screen blinding me. I previously had so much to say. I was so … [Continue reading]

Fundraising, Favors And Festivities | Our Adoption

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Fundraising or not? Is it tacky, insensitive, desperate? If we decided to raise funds for our adoption, does that mean we don't trust God to provide? … [Continue reading]

The Home Study | Our Adoption


We have just completed the first interview for our home study. Now, friends and family are asking "how did it go?, "did you hear back already?" and we … [Continue reading]

Never A Bridesmaid… | A Life Lesson In Friendship


A few years ago, a friend told me about a Thank You card she had received from a girl saying that she was "grateful for their friendship in this … [Continue reading]

Called To Care | Our Adoption


We are adoptive parents. We are not just talking, blogging, praying or thinking about it. After completing yet another application and attending an … [Continue reading]

Let Go Of That Toy! | Be The Person You Want Your Child To Become


The other day something awful happened: Our babysitter quit. She will be working full time for another mother. (Imagine me throwing a time-out worthy … [Continue reading]

Easter Means New Beginnings | Tiny Treats


If the thought of your toddler twirling non-stop due to a massive sugar rush makes you nauseous, I might have just the right idea for a little Easter … [Continue reading]

What’s Next? | Our Adoption


Sometimes, I think it's hard for friends and family to relate to our adoption because we don't have a due date. We don't even have a timeframe to … [Continue reading]

A Is For Apple :: A Baby Shower

I used organic apples, baker's twine and designed cute Thank You tags to make the favors.

A few of my girlfriends and I recently hosted an intimate gathering to honor a dear friend who was expecting her second child, a little girl. Since … [Continue reading]