The Kinderzimmer Is Done :: Nursery Decor

I’ve shared the inspiration board for Käfer’s nursery decor a long, long time ago and I’m thrilled to announce that our project has been completed two weeks before the arrival of our little baby girl. Can’t wait to hear what you think…

Our canvas - a plain and empty room.

Despite the pesky task of having to paint Käfer's room, Daddy was excited to get his daughter's nursery done.

When I looked for paint for the walls, I wanted to make sure to buy VOC free paint only. You know, no chemicals, no toxic fumes, none of that. I was excited to find this color at The Land Of Nod and after requesting a color swatch, I thought it matched my color palette perfectly. Well, unfortunately, it didn’t turn out to be what I expected. Too bad I only realized that AFTER my dear husband and our wonderful friend Yuko had painted the walls. Yes, there is ‘pain’ in painting.

Original paint color on the right, first attempt to fix it in the middle, final color on the left.

With the help of a well-known home improvement store and its knowledgeable staff in the paint section, we managed to mix and fix the color (see photo above). And Paul and Yuko went back to the drawing, um, painting board and…painted again.

Our fearless friend Yuko.

After all, it turned out to be…yes, perfect. (We probably should have named our baby girl Yuko in honor of our dear friend who kept up with this.)

On to furnishing the room…I have a love/hate relationship with Craigslist. This time, I found exactly what I was looking for and the seller was absolutely easy to work with. I even managed to haggle a bit and got the dresser for only $60. (Mind you, it’s real, solid wood and none of that IKEA stuff.) My budget was $50 but I expected to find a piece of furniture that I’d have to sand, paint and purchase new hardware for. So with this dresser being in perfect condition and painted in the right color, I was ok to pay a bit more.

Found it!

I lined the drawers with cute polka dot paper from Paper Source.

Daddy at work.

And...we're done!

Looks cozy and fun, doesn't it?

Can't wait to play with our baby girl.

Every piece of wall art has a special meaning.

Plenty of diaper changes are awaiting this lovely dresser.

I found the 'California' hook by OldNewAgain on Etsy. Love that it came in turquoise!

I love these cute suitcases from The Land Of Nod. They come in a set of three and are surprisingly affordable.

The diaper changing station.

I used an expandable curtain rod to hang Käfer's tiny cardigans and jackets. The turquoise canvas bins hold bathing supplies, the beige one holds our girl's shoes.

I’m trying to remain humble but I’m not gonna lie: I’m loving Käfer’s room and cannot wait for her to enjoy it!

Sources (as far as I can remember): crib – Walmart; mobile – Babies R Us; metal bin for toys – Target; storage ottoman – Target; arm chair – IKEA; pillow – Cost Plus; curtains – IKEA; frames for art work – IKEA, Target; crib mattress – Target; crib sheet –; dresser – Craigslist; canvas bins – Target; T.J. Maxx; curtain rod – Bed, Bath & Beyond; suitcases – Land Of Nod; wall sign – Ross.



  1. This room is beautiful!

  2. Karen Maciel says:

    Holy smokes!!! It’s like out of a magazine!!! Do mine! Do mine! Do mine!

  3. Helen Polito says:

    The room looks so good. I love your color combination. I painted my bedroom the same color, well maybe not the exact color but close, and I love it.

  4. Gorgeous! I love it!

  5. wie erwartet ein wunderschöner Raum. Leider kann ich mich erst um Emmas Willkommenspräsent kümmern, wenn wir aus dem Urlaub zurück sind, also Anfang Februar. ich hoffe dann ist es auch noch willkommen. Ich freu mich für Euch, dass es Euch gut geht und ihr es so schön habt.
    G&K Wiebke

  6. OMG gorgeous. Talented, talented, talented.

  7. Love the room! You guys did a fabulous job. We have a armoire and also got an expandable curtain rod from BB&B but ours will not stick. Would love to know your trick. Thanks

    • Anna, thanks for stopping by! I actually didn’t do anything specific to the curtain rod. It’s just extremely tight and I’m not using it to hang anything heavy.

  8. Hello! I don’t suppose you know which brand the expandable curtain rod is. My husband and me got an expandable curtain rod from BB&B and it won’t stay up with small baby clothes hung on it. Thanks for your fast response. :)

  9. I love your room! I have a question about your Ikea chair. We have the exact same one, and we keep practicing rocking in it and can’t decide if it will be a practical rocker when the baby comes. As you know it doesn’t make the most fluid of motion, so I wanted to check and see what you discovered while rocking your baby.


    • Hi Emily! Thanks for our comment. I’m not a huge fan of glider chairs so the IKEA chair works great for me. Yes, it is a bit more bouncy and less smooth than the usual rockers/gliders but it works fine for my little girl and me. Frankly, the budget price of $50 (save yourself some cash and buy a used one on Craigslist with a new cover from IKEA) was another huge bonus point for the POANG chair. xo, Wiebke

  10. Wiebke, those were my wedding colors (sunset over the water theme)! I love it!


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