In(tro)ducing Baby Thrasher

…and we’re still waiting!

Considering that Baby Thrasher was doing great and pretty much ready to hatch, we decided to schedule my induction. So instead of sitting at home waiting for labor to start, Paul and I went out for a lovely dinner date the night before we had to check in at the hospital.

I barely slept that night. I was so excited that I was only hours away from meeting my daughter. After all these months full of anticipation, the moment was finally near.

Almost there...

After hours of waiting and staring at the monitors that tracked my contractions (what contractions?) and baby’s heartbeat, I was finally told that we’re (We? As in there are others who would have to push a watermelon out of their vagina???) ready to push.

Contractions, baby.

Paul and I were in good spirits and still all smiles.

My delivery nurse Kathleen was absolutely wonderful! We were joking and cracking up together. One of my fears was to be (secretly) judged by the nurses and doctors for being a wimp and not tolerating any pain. But every single nurse I met during my stay in the Labor & Delivery Unit was just absolutely wonderful, caring, loving and some of them were even quite hilarious.

But back to Kathleen. She was a devoted Christian and almost cried when we told her that we wanted to pray over the delivery and asked if she could join us in prayer. God most certainly answered a prayer when He gave us Kathleen. So I guess besides Paul, me, and Kathleen, we also had the Holy Spirit in the room. I had nothing to fear.

Speaking of fearless, my fearless (seriously) girlfriend Val witnessed the birth of our little baby girl. It was so precious to have her by my side (and I know Paul was thankful for the extra support as well). Thanks to the Epidural I was in a great mood and pretty chipper when she arrived in the morning. It was important to me that the whole birthing experience wouldn’t freak her out since she has that whole adventure still ahead of her. But I guess, she had a good time as well.

But back to me. Moments later…

Emma Louise arrives.

And there she was. Our little Käfer was born. Words can not describe what I felt when my doctor put that tiny human on my belly. My emotions ranged anywhere from joy to anxiety to relief to sadness to the utmost love one could ever feel. No, seriously, they say that this overwhelming loving feeling hits you like a truck when you see/hold your newborn for the first time and you wonder if you’ll really get to feel that way. Well, I did.

In my books, giving birth trumps everything you have and will ever do in life. Even getting married doesn’t come close to the emotions you experience when you finally meet that little baby that was nurtured inside of you for so long!

Shortly after Emma’s birth, we were moved to the post-partem unit of the hospital where we welcomed a bunch of visitors who were anxious to meet our newborn.

What an exciting couple of days! Paul and I went to the hospital as a couple and left the hospital as a family.

God is good! God is so frickin’ good!



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