My Friend Joe. Trader Joe.

I heart Trader Joe’s. I did not realize how much I loved it until I recently discovered and fell in love (again) with the following food items.

By the way, all of these are new-mom-proof which means, they are affordable, quick’n’easy to prepare, tasty and can even suffice to impress dinner guests or your hardworking husband.

Best prepared in a frying pan for longer than indicated on the bag.

  • Mandarin Orange Chicken: Certainly better than the Chinese take out you can get in my neighborhood. The orange sauce is not sweet, the chicken is tender with a crispy breading, and with its prep/cook time of less than 20 minutes total (if you make rice as a side), it’s one of our all-time favorite family meals. Since my husband loves it too, it can happen that I serve that dish twice in one week.

Probably my favorite frozen dinner entree.

  • BBQ Chicken Teriyaki: I was so surprised about the taste and that dark chicken meat could be so delicious. The prep is even easier. Nuke for 4 minutes. Heat sauce separately in microwave for 30 sec. Mix. Done. Serve with rice. And steamed green beans.
  • Fresh Field Salad w/Grilled Chicken, Israeli Couscous, Currants, Bell Pepper and Asagio Cheese: The dressing is the best! Unfortunately, TJ’s doesn’t sell it separately. Crunchy and filling enough for a healthy lunch.
  • Uncooked Chicken Sausage w/Tomatoes and Asagio Cheese: I usually do not like Italian sausages. The worst is pizza with Italian sausage. But I like these ones. They got some spice to it, too.

Best caramel sauce I've ever had. I may like it even more than Dulce De Leche.

  • Fleur De Sel Caramel Sauce: Best. Caramel. Sauce. Ever. There is no coarse sea salt here, but there is a noticeable amount of salt in the caramel and the contrast of sweet and salty will definitely make your mouth water. That sauce can be used for anything: ice cream sundaes, I added it to my German Apfel Streuselkuchen, as a bagel spread on top of creme cheese, fruit salad, pancakes, and much more, I’m sure.

I could eat this for breakfast.

  • Soy Creamy Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream: Yummy. So good. I love marzipan and somehow the taste of this ice cream reminds me of marzipan. The contrast between the cherries (big chunks) and chocolate chips is divine.

Oh well, all this food porn made me hungry. I better quickly finish last night’s leftovers – chicken sausage and salad as noted above – before Emma wakes up.



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