Babysitter Virgins

We did it! We left Emma with a trusted babysitter.

Actually, two babysitters. Well, three if you count their son Jonah. They love Emma and since their son turned out okay, we thought we could take a plunge and leave our sweetheart with them for a few hours so Paul and I could have a dinner date. Just the two of us.

It was blissful!

I can’t begin to describe how excited we were to not have to haul a car seat around or grab a stroller from the trunk or schlepp any of those other baby gear¬†necessities¬†around with us.

We planned for an early dinner to avoid any conflict with Emma’s bedtime. Our restaurant was only 10 minutes away from our friends’ house where we dropped Emma, two bottles of freshly pumped milk (so I could have more than just one glass of wine) and a few minor instructions off. Our friends promised to call us in case of an emergency but would otherwise not contact us. I was not allowed to call or text them either. Yikes.

Paul and I had one more rule for our first date night AC (After Child): no baby talk.

In all honesty, I managed to sneak a quick look at my phone to see if I got a text but otherwise didn’t touch it.

We had such a great time! And now that we’re no longer babysitter virgins, we’re ready to do it again. Let me tell you, once you tasted a piece of heaven… (no offense, Emma!)

Thanks to Uncle Ryan and Auntie Reg for taking good care of our little one and blessing us with some long overdue marriage time. You guys rock!


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