Thrasher Summer List

(Catalina) Island in the sun.

Let’s set boring to do lists aside and make a summer to do list. The only rule: It has to be fun!

Here’s ours:

  • Take Emma to SoCal
  • Take Emma to the pool
  • Take Emma to the beach
  • Go to Tahoe for vacation
  • Have more fun with her whale shaped baby pool
  • Build a patio in our backyard
  • Get a porch planter with new plants
  • Have a cookout in our yard or somewhere else
  • Go to an outdoor festival
  • Check out at least one local museum
  • Have a picnic
  • Join a playgroup and go at least 3 times
  • Learn four new children’s songs (German for Mama, English for Papa)
  • Take a ferry
  • Take a family photo outdoors with Griffin
  • Go fishing
  • Go camping
Signed and approved by all family members.


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