What Not To Wear

My husband and I did something totally random the other day: We purged each other’s closet.

The rules: We could pick whatever clothes and shoes we didn’t like and toss it on the Goodwill pile. We both had six vetos that we could use to keep an item (not sure I explained that correctly: we were allowed to keep six items).

It was tough to see some of my favorite pieces fly out of the closet and straight on top of that ‘needs-to-go’ pile. DH was like ‘yeah, that thing needs to go.’ and I’m like ‘ouch, no, it hurts, please make it stop’.

The result: Empty closets with less clothes that we haven’t worn in a while. Plus we actually like the outfits the other half will be wearing from now on. Not that it’s majorly important but let’s be honest, we do care at least a little bit about our husbands looking snazzy and handsome. Vice versa, I don’t mind that my man wants me to emphasize my, let’s say, best features.

Win, win.




  1. WOW… that was brave. The few times I have asked my husband about if a clothing item needed to go the answer has always been “yes!”…. LOL!!

    I’ve recently felt the need to purge as well… it was hard but I was left with a closet of clothing that I actually liked!! So nice to sort through clothing I’d like to put on and that I know looks right on me, than to flip through shirt after shirt that I KNOW belongs in a “give away” pile!!

    • Hi! Well, I did cry for a bit. The husband was reckless with my favorite pieces. But I tossed out an ugly yet super-expensive Calvin Klein jacket on his behalf. Ha, that was a tough pill to swallow for him. Always hated that thing. :-)

  2. I’m WAY too chicken for this…but it’s SUCH a good idea! Maybe when I’m finally back at pre-preg weight and a bit more hormonally stable??? 😉

  3. Wow, really creativ, unusual idea! Not sure, my husband would do it!
    But I love it!

  4. I just got rid of 9 grocery bags of clothes ( including my beloved but worn Uggs)and 6-7 grocery bags of junk that had accumulated around our house. My Uggs and clothes found a new home with a friend of mine and the rest of it went to the goodwill. It feels great! Keep up the brave purging Veebs! xoxo!

  5. Ps. I love your website Veebs! :)

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