Where Is Super Mama When You Need Her? :: Parenting Challenges

I don’t have to deal with crazy deadlines, ever-changing briefs and tight budgets anymore like I used to when working at an ad agency. Now, I’m facing different kinds of challenges like how do I get my baby to like bath time, when and how often and how much do I feed her solids, how can I explain to my DH that Emma shouldn’t be playing airplane with him half an hour before bedtime, what can I do to teach her to fall asleep by herself, when is the ideal bed time and why is she suddenly throwing a fit every time I want to change her diaper.

At only 6 1/2 months, Emma already learned to pull herself up. According to her crawling is for babies. Of course, Papa and Mama are mighty proud of our Super Baby.

BUT, after we finally gained control over Emma’s sleeping patterns and taught her successfully to fall asleep by herself (as in: no more rocking, nursing or singing to sleep and no more checking in on her in the middle of the night – yeah!), we are facing a new challenge: As soon as we have put her down to sleep, she pulls herself up on the rail of the crib and just stands there. Since she hasn’t learned yet how to get back down, she eventually gets frustrated ‘up there’ and starts crying. Yeah, we’re not so proud anymore.

So we’re basically back to checking in on her and putting her down. We do that over and over. How fun.

Enter Super Mama with the solution: A sleep sack or wearable blanket or however you wanna call it.

Sleep sack by Steiff.

I love these things! Emma always used to wear them at night time but then I thought it would keep her from rolling on to her tummy. Her favorite sleeping position. So I stopped putting it on her.

Today I had the genius idea that a sleep sack might keep her from pulling herself up on the rail since her legs would be kind of ‘swaddled’. Ha, it totally worked! She is now peacefully snoozing on her belly. In her sleep sack.

Here are a couple of other Mommy Challenges that I faced and eventually tackled:

  • Hating bath time: I used warmer water and put a wash cloth on her belly to calm her down and keep her warm.
  • Falling asleep while nursing (and not getting a full feeding in): Undress baby and use a wet wash cloth to keep her slightly uncomfortable.
  • Teething pain #1: Put a schnuller (pacifier) or wet wash cloth in the freezer. Makes a great teething toy.
  • Teething pain #2: Elevate the head part of her crib mattress a bit. It takes some pressure off her gums which are causing her so much discomfort.
  • Frequent night wakings: I’ve written a gazillion blog posts about how we solved that problem.
  • Making sure she wouldn’t be afraid of water: I never covered her face when washing her hair. I obviously made sure she wouldn’t get shampoo in her eyes but it taught her that running water over her face is not a bad thing.
  • Congested nose: We set up a warm mist humidifier in her room.
  • Not taking the bottle #1: Make sure the milk is warm enough.
  • Not taking the bottle #2: Don’t wait until she’s too hungry and frustrated before you try giving her the bottle.
  • Sleeping in a new/foreign environment: Have her sleep in the travel crib a few days before you leave for your trip so she can get used to her interim bed.
  • Freaking out over all the stuff that’s going wrong: Look at the things that are going well and give yourself some credit. Motherhood is the most challenging job you can ever sign up for.
I’m not writing about this to brag about my fantastic mothering skills. I’m still learning so much every day. I’m sharing this stuff so you can take it as an inspiration for solving your very own Mommy Challenges. Some of those tips I got from my experienced mommy friends so I can’t even claim to be the brain behind all of this. As always, I like to invite you on my journey because if someone already made a path, why not walk on it.
Ok, now YOU tell me how I can avoid those diaper changing fights with Super Baby before I have poop all over me. Please. Thank you very much.




  1. Yes great solution….=) I do the same.

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