Emma’s Dedication :: The Reception

(I’d like to dedicate (ha, get it) this post to our dear friends and family who joined us in celebrating Emma’s day. Especially, Paul’s family who hailed all the way from SoCal. I just wished my family could have been there.)

As promised, here’s more about Emma’s dedication. This is the reception post (or ‘after party’ like Paul called it), you can read all about the church ceremony here.

Now that I’m a mother, I can finally use my child as an excuse to host parties and craft all this cute decor stuff that I used to design for my business, Wishcraft Design.

As much as we would have loved to have more friends join us for the ‘after party’ at our house, we had to keep this celebration small for budget reasons. Speaking of which, I’m proud to announce that I managed to only go $30 over budget. (Which is a HUGE success for me. Not too long ago, I didn’t even set myself a budget for occasions like these. Yet alone ask Mr. Thrasher for his opinion on the budget.)

I’ll let the pictures do the talking first. And then I’ll share the menu and sources with you. Oh, and if you like what you see, feel free to share, post, tweet or comment.

A bright and cheery color palette and tasty food made for a fun dessert table.

Supporting local small businesses is always fun and I’ll try to do that whenever possible. These mini cupcakes came from Mission Minis. I scored a Plum District coupon and saved it for almost a year just so I could redeem it for Emma’s special day.

Mini cupcakes are just too cute (and tasty) to not be part of a dessert table.

One of my favorite recent ‘party equipment’ purchases: 20 white coffee mugs ‘Fargrik‘ and silverware ‘Dragon‘ from IKEA. At only $.99 a pop for the coffee mugs, I am pretty excited about this eco-friendly and posh alternative to plastic silverware, paper cups (I only got a few for the cold drinks) or even worse styrofoam (is anyone really still buying these?). I mean, it wasn’t smart if I was only using these for one event but I know there will be plenty of occasions where I’ll be able to put them to use. And before I know it they will be amortized and I’ll never have to buy paper cups or plastic silverware again.

The coffee bar with my brand spanking new coffee mugs.

Food & Beverages:

Strawberry Cake (Safeway)
Yellow Cake with Marzipan (homemade)
Carrot Cake (Trader Joe’s)
Mini Cupcakes (Mission Minis, San Francisco)
Cake Pops (homemade – recipe to follow)
Almond Ring Danish (Trader Joe’s)
Macaroons (Whole Foods)
Mini Chocolate Bars (Trader Joe’s)
Coffee (w/Half & Half, Milk)
Organic Pink Lemonade (Trader Joe’s)
Izze Orange Soda (next time, I’ll get glass bottles, promise)
San Pellegrino

Serverware, Party Decor & Craft Materials:

Pink paper plates, paper cups and napkins (Party City)
Vellum paper, scrapbook paper, round craft punch (Paper Source, Michaels)
Orange paper straws (Amazon.com)
Coffee mugs (IKEA)
Silverware (IKEA)
Glass milk bottles (Bed, Bath & Beyond – no longer available)
Vintage coffee thermos pot (gift from MIL who never used it)
Beverage tub and stand (Target – no longer available)
Various cake stands and platters (Ross, T.J. Maxx, Costco) 

Now, off to gathering ideas and inspiration for Emma’s first birthday party. I’m thinking Red and Aqua and Penguins.




  1. Sharon Kemp says:

    Everything was as delicious as the pictures look! God gave you an awesome talent Wiebke, along with an equally awesome daughter! Love you!

  2. Amazing… as always. I wish I had your skills. So great!

  3. wow, so nice how everything fits perfectly together!

  4. Sorry for slacking on reading the blog, but I have to say it was pretty darn impressive spread you laid out, Wiebke! I’m also proud to mention that you posted a photo of the iced drinks that I neatly arranged in my attempt to “go along” with your awesome decor. Bravo, mama! Bravo!!


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