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It’s time to make my husband happy. Tonight he’s gettin’ some…Not what you think, you naughty little thing! I’m making BBQ ribs for him. In the crock pot. Cooking with my crock pot (or slow cooker) makes me feel so housewife-y. And as you know, I really enjoy that.

What's for dinner, darling?

A while ago, I found this new brand at Safeway – ‘Open Nature‘ – and have been buying those meat products whenever I couldn’t find organic meat. Guess who was pretty pleased when finding Open Nature spare ribs on sale?

We all know the “natural” label is ambiguous, overused and even abused, but Safeway strives to be transparent, specifying four criteria: Raised without antibiotics, No added hormones, Fed an all-vegetarian diet and No artificial preservatives. ~ Source:

Now, be a good wife, bookmark this recipe and make your man happy. He’ll be grateful. I promise.


  • Rack of spare ribs
  • Large bottle of BBQ sauce (I’m a busy SAHM, I have no time to make everything from scratch. Don’t judge!)
  • Apple sauce (unsweetened)
  • White mushrooms, sliced


  • Wash potatoes, quarter the potatoes (I never peel potatoes) and throw in crock pot. They should cover the bottom of the pot.
  • Clean ribs from fat, cut to fit pot and put on top of potatoes.
  • Pour a bit of apple sauce over everything.
  • Pour lots of BBQ sauce over everything.
  • Set timer for 8 hours on ‘low heat’.
  • The BBQ and apple sauce turn into a soup-like consistency. So an hour or so before the time runs out, I discard of the watery BBQ sauce and refill the pot with more BBQ sauce.
  • Add mushrooms to crock pot.
  • The meat is probably totally done and ready to enjoy by now. Depending on when your hubby gets home, you can serve the deliciousness.
  • Try artisan bread or corn on the cob with Basil Garlic Butter as a side.



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