Excuse The Dust :: Thrasher Home Blog Makeover

Yikes, Thrasher Home looks kinda unfinished right now. It’s ok, you can be honest. It’s like a new house that I’ve just moved into. Exciting empty spaces, promising decor ideas. Yet, you wouldn’t necessarily host a party just yet. Walls still need to be painted, there’s no name on the door bell yet, no art is hanging on the walls, only a few necessities have been unpacked while the rest is still sitting in boxes in the basement.

Please bear with me as I’m in the process of a major blog make over: Fresh design, new framework, improved navigation, less categories, more widgets. Goal is to have everything ready by November 1st when I launch my Adoption Awareness Blog Project.

Also, I really don’t like that header that came with my new blog theme. If you have mad photoshop skills and a bit of spare time on your hands, please let me know. I’d cook for you, watch your baby, make favors for your next event, organize your closet – you name it.

  • Whatcha think of the new design so far?


  1. I love it! And love the “you may also like” section. Good luck with all the changes.

  2. Oh, it looks great!!! Love it!

  3. OMGosh! I love this! This is JUST like the one I wanted to use!!

  4. I am soooo loving this….and I sooo need you to do my blog next…=) hint hint

  5. Very nice! Are you on WP?

  6. J/K I just saw the WP text at the bottom… LOL!

  7. I LOVE this! Gosh…looks like someone might be able to help me create a logo… :)

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