Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012.

The year 2011 at Thrasher Home in words and pictures:

A very eventful 2011 for the Thrashers


  • The year couldn’t have begun with a bigger blessing: We brought our precious daughter Emma home from the hospital. Throughout the year, we continued to be amazed by the most adorable addition to the Thrasher family. We had many first’s like smiling, rolling over, first domestic flight, first cross-Atlantic flight, first road trip, first ferry ride, first time dipping toes into the ocean, sleeping through the night, swimming, crawling, cruising, eating solids, teeth, walking, climbing, self-feeding, and so much more.


  • As we welcomed more babies to our family, we had to say goodbye to our cousin Michael who left this world way too soon due to a tragic accident. Inspired by Michael who saved eleven lives with his healthy organs, I signed up to be an organ donor. (I encourage you to register here.)


  • During our adventurous trip to Germany, we introduced a three-months old Emma to her great-grandmother, astonished by the age difference of a hundred years. And I reunited with my cousin whom I haven’t seen in over 20 years.
  • The start-up Mr. Thrasher had been working for got bought by a media company. Paul now works for said fast-growing company and is (thankfully) still loving the challenges his job brings every day.


  • Mr. Thrasher and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. I love you, Mr. Thrasher!
  • We celebrated my first (official) Mother’s Day together with my mother-in-law.
  • Despite a loving husband, a wonderful baby daughter, good health and a cozy home, I hit rock bottom and can’t even start to describe how depressed and angry I was with myself, God, the world and everyone in it.


  • Emma honored her Papa with an adventurous outing with friends for his first Father’s Day and he took us to the state capital for the day.


  • The Thrashers headed to SoCal for Emma’s half-year birthday and Fourth of July celebrations with Paul’s family. It was so adorable to see Emma play with our cousin’s kiddos.
  • For our wedding anniversary, Paul gave me (us) a weekend stay at a nice bed & breakfast as a gift. It was our first short overnight trip with Emma and Griffin. Let’s just say it was far from being a romantic getaway.


  • We celebrated Emma’s dedication with friends, family and her godparents Allyn and Lori. Unfortunately, her godparents Jen and Joe couldn’t join us but we knew they were there in spirit.


  • I celebrated my sixth San Franniversary.
  • We left the church where we got saved, baptized and married to join a new church. It felt a bit like a break-up but as we’re getting more involved in our new church community, we feel more and more at home there.


  • My amazing mother finally retired and we celebrated her career and achievements as a passionate pharmacist with a ‘Retirement Care Package’. Hand packed by her granddaughter. Mama, you truly deserve to sit back and enjoy life to the fullest with a loving husband by your side! I am very proud of everything you have accomplished in your career – especially during those years where you raised my sister and I as a single mom while slaving in your own pharmacy and paying for our way-too-expensive boarding school education.
  • Mr. Thrasher and I made an important decision about adding another baby to the family. Read all the details about our Adoption Decision here.
  • Paul went on his first official business trip to NYC and Emma and I were all by ourselves for a whole week!
  • Emma experiences her first Halloween. Dressed up as a cow. Too cute! She also hosted a fun baby Halloween party. She just loves to entertain. Just like her Mama.


  • Several adoptive parents and bloggers from all over the U.S. and Canada joined me on Thrasher Home for the Adoption Awareness Blog Project, an effort to raise awareness for the need of forever families for millions of children all over the world.
  • For Thanksgiving, we are travelling to SoCal to be with the rest of the family. Emma had her first Thanksgiving turkey and loved every bite!
  • After weathering a hefty storm, our marriage is now stronger and sexier than ever. Thanks to Shauna, author of Living It Up and wife of our awesome pastor at Epic Church, for introducing me to The Love Dare. That book and without a doubt God’s unfailing love saved our relationship.


  • Emma’s first Christmas or Christnachten is a huge deal for me her. I’m not surprised that she actually figured out how to unwrap gifts and loved tearing all the paper and ribbon apart.
  • Emma turns 1. We survived the first year in the parenthood are graduating to toddlerhood.
  • We successfully maneuvered through a year of me being a stay-at-home mom – financially and emotionally a big adjustment.
  • Another year has gone by where my own father still refuses to connect with me and has shown no interest in meeting his granddaughter. Even Emma’s beautiful birth announcement couldn’t warm his heart.
The Thrashers are ready for 2012. God is good and this year is going to be amazing. What was your most memorable adventure in 2011?

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