Interior Decor :: Living Room + Front Room in SoCal :: Part One

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A few months ago, my mother-in-law asked me if I could assist her with the interior decor for her living room and front room. Um, let me think about it: I could dream up a color palette, create an inspiration board and then go out and buy everything? With someone else’s credit card? Yes, please, I’m in!

I wish we were further along in the process so I could post ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures but we just got started so you’ll have to come back for more.

In the meantime, follow me on Pinterest to see how I am planning to transform an outdated (sorry, Mom) and tired living room and a design-starved front room without a purpose into a sophisticated, modern, bold but soothing habitat.

It was a bit of a challenge to work my MIL’s only requests into the room design: Keep the wall color (somewhere between Sage and Avocado) and incorporate a recliner chair (La-Z Boy, anyone?).

I strongly believe that you need to understand the purpose of a room in order to design it: Will you use it for reading, entertaining, watching TV, as a family playroom, home office, craft area, etc.

You further need to get an idea of what the room needs to deliver: Serenity, open space and room to play, lots of storage, space for electronics, how much seating will we need, and so on.

After we worked through all these questions, I presented a few color palettes and eventually we ended up with these two lovelies:

The Living Room 

Color palette for living room: Gray, Indigo, Sage, Cream and Bronze.

The Front Room

Color palette for front room: Gray, Indigo, Sage, Cream and Bubblegum.

I recommended to keep the color scheme the same and only change the accent color (Bronze and Bubblegum) so that my MIL has the option to rearrange the furniture at a later point if she desires.

The living room will be mostly used for entertaining and watching movies on a big screen. Take a sneak peak of my furniture finds here.

The front room will function mainly as a play room but should also allow for a relaxing atmosphere so my MIL could kick back and cozy up in her recliner to read a book, watch TV or snooze off. Check out the furniture and fun accessories I found for the front room here.

Make sure to come back to Thrasher Home to see what on earth I will be doing with four cans of Gold, Indigo and Cream spray paint.



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