Interior Decor :: Easy Bathroom Facelift Under $120

As some of you know, we live in a rental house which leaves us hesitant towards investing a lot of money or time into major home improvement projects. But I would feel like a fish without water if I wouldn’t find inexpensive solutions to create a living space I love.

I recently gave our small bathroom a budget-friendly facelift and changed up the color palette a bit. Behold, no Turquoise, Aqua or Teal to be found in the bathroom at Thrasher Home.

Charcoal, Spring Green and White

First order of business: Using an old gift card, I replaced our Brown and Beige towels with new ones in Charcoal and Spring Green. To add more storage, I hung a white lacquered wall cabinet (scored on Craigslist for $20). Ever since we moved in, I’ve been wanting to upgrade our existing, cheap towel bars with flashy new ones but so far I couldn’t justify that admittedly quite unnecessary expense. I added it to the inspiration board, though. Because it’s pretty.

If you don’t have a gift card lying around to splurge on new towels, here are some other ideas for a quick bathroom refresher for under $120. I wish I could say under $100 but I really wanted to include the cool light fixture for you.

  • New shower curtain. Keep it low budget by using clear plastic shower curtain rings ($2) or simply keep your old ones. $27.
  • Add a pretty soap dispenser or clear apothecary jars filled with bath essentials. $6-$10. (If you are a bargain shopper, hit Ross, TJ Maxx or Marshalls for bath accessories.)
  • Go bold with a bright colored bath mat matching your shower curtain. $11.
  • Flashy chrome towel bar. $15.
  • Fun little trash can with lid (toddler safe – until she figures that step thing out). $17.
  • Rental or not, I think a new, modern light fixture above the sink can change the entire room. I liked this contemporary, no-frills option from IKEA. And who said you’ll have to leave it when you move out. $39.
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