Easter Means New Beginnings | Tiny Treats

If the thought of your toddler twirling non-stop due to a massive sugar rush makes you nauseous, I might have just the right idea for a little Easter treat for your kiddo.


This grosses me out.

repurposed juice containers

Our next project as soon as the weather is nice again.

While I am not a big fan of candy-filled Easter baskets for kids – no matter what age – I don’t necessarily want Emma to miss out on sweet treats completely. The Lindt Chocolate Bunny wrapped in gold foil will always have a cameo on Easter, for instance. It’s a childhood memory for myself and reminds me of home. However, I try to find other fun alternatives to add to Emma’s basket and to give to her friends.

Inspired by a lovely idea for recycling used juice containers (found on Repurposed Recycled Reused Reclaimed Restored‘s Facebook page) and driven by my endless desire to keep Emma distracted teach Emma, I thought a package of seeds would be the perfect filler for the Easter goodie bags for her friends. Easter is the celebration of new beginnings after all.


Emma assembled the goodie bags all by herself. I just protected the bunnies from being eaten and stapled the bag toppers.

Here’s what you need:

  • package of organic carrot seeds (found at Target)
  • Lindt Gold Mini Chocolate Bunnies (found at World Market or Target)
  • clear treat bags 4″ wide (found at Beverly’s or Party City)
  • white cardstock paper (found at Michaels) or normal paper
  • free printable bag toppers designed by Thrasher Home (download below)



Front of free printable bag topper.


Customizable back of free printable bag topper.

This was Emma’s Easter treat for her friends. Sign up for blog updates here so you won’t miss the cute idea I came up with for my friends.


A Family-Friendly DIY Project By Sibylle Of Funkytime :: The Adoption Awareness Blog Project

Hi to all Thrasher Home readers! I am Sibylle, Mrs.Thrasher‘s German Blog pal and I write my blog, called Funkytime. I am excited to be a part of the Adoption Awareness Blog Project and have been following it over this past month.

I usually tackle all my DIY projects by myself, but this time I decided to let the kids help!

I found our old nightstands in the basement… They are not very chic anymore;-) Since the kids did not have any, I decided to convert them into fun kids bedside tables.

You will need:

– Primer & Multipurpose paint.
– Chalk adhesive or chalk paint.
– Krylon Matt Finish.
– Faux grass tiles.
– Old bedside table.
– Hammer and tiny nails.

I purchased the chalk adhesive and grass tile at the dollarstore.

1. Prime and paint your tables.

2. Let dry and cut your favorite shape out of the grass tile and chalk adhesive.

3. Glue small faux grass pieces to the knob of the ‘grass table’ and secure with little nails.

Voila! Easy and in-expensive. Since I already had everything but the grass tile and chalk adhesive, the whole project cost me sweet $2 and took about half a day.

Happy Holidays to all of you!
XO, Sibylle

P.S.: Don’t forget to share your wishes on Funkytime and I will feature you in the header.

Crafty Birth Announcements :: DIY

Even before Emma was born, I started designing her birth announcements already. Yeah, I’m THAT person. (Would now be a good time to tell you that I’m already gathering ideas for Emma’s first birthday party?)

Here’s what we sent out to friends and family to share our excitement about Emma’s arrival:

Emma's crafty birth announcements.

Here’s what I did:

  1. I designed a sash with the birth information and printed it on light weight vellum paper.
  2. I picked a cheeky photo of Emma from our recent family photo shoot and ordered 50 prints on Snapfish.
  3. Of course, the color palette for Emma’s nursery had to be represented. All materials and paper found at Paper Source.
  4. I glued the photo to the cards, cut the sash, wrapped it around the card, closed it in the back with scotch tape and repeated that process 49 times. (With a newborn on my hands, it took me forever to complete this project.)
  5. I was surprised that I figured out how to set up the file (in Word) to print the addresses directly onto each envelope.
  6. I used the Word templates provided by Paper Source to design the address labels and used them to close each envelope.
  7. Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

And here are the products I used:

Can’t wait to design the invitations for her first birthday party!