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Here are my favorite books to read during pregnancy. Some say that it’s not helpful to know ‘too much’ about everything that could possibly go wrong during pregnancy or delivery. I say, it’s all about personal preference.

I like to know what to expect so I can prepare as much as possible, ask my OB the right questions, look out for my baby with the proper care (and yes, I know, my McRib fetish is not considered proper care) and keep an eye on symptoms that could mean complications. That doesn’t mean, I am worried 24/7 about possibly getting preeclampsia, gestational diabetes or even worse. Na, I just like to be in the know.

Top 1

My #1 reco for every pregnant girlfriend.

The Girlfriends Guide To Pregnancy. Hilarious, fun, informative, honest, complete. Available here.

Top 2

Perfect read to follow your pregnancy week by week.

Your Pregnancy Week By Week has only a few pages per pregnancy week which makes it an easy read. I appreciated the exercise that were recommended every week. Available here.

Top 3

Allows you to add your own journal entries.

Blank journals intimidate me. I feel pressured to write a lot to fill the blank pages. But The Pregnancy Journal is perfect for a journal-phobic like me. In addition to the latest medical information on both mom’s health and baby’s development, this journal offers daily entries with tips, advice, and plenty of room for personal notes. Available here.

Top 4

Trying to educate myself ahead of time.

Not everyone may be a fan of the Babywise approach but I am. Mostly, because I see how it can work. Some of my friends have been raising their babies with this method and I love how easily they can put their little ones to sleep without rocking, singing or reading stories. We’ll see how it goes with K√§fer. Available here.

Top 5

Make mine a virgin!

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to skip cocktails!

Margarita Mama offers a pitcherful of delicious “mocktails” designed specifically for moms-to-be. Every drink is 100 percent alcohol free. Recipes include twists on old favorites such as Mudslides, Mojitos, Cosmopolitans, and Mimosas, plus yummy new libations like the Materni-Tini, the Raging Hormone, and the Chocolate Crave. Available here.

Top 6

The second best bible.

The Pregnancy Bible. It couldn’t get more complete. You’ll find detailed information about fetal development week by week. Lots of color photography, ultrasound images and illustrations. While this book contains a lot of medical information, it is still very easy to understand. Available here.

Top 7

The Sequel...

The Girlfriends Guide To Surviving The First Year Of Motherhood. So glad that Vicki Iovine continued writing and gave moms (and dads) the sequel to her bestselling guide to pregnancy. More irony, more information, more advice and the same sense of humor that made reading her first book so much fun. Available here.

Besides all these pregnancy and parenting books, make sure you’ll get a good non-baby related read in as well. Something easy on the mind, entertaining, maybe even trivia?

What were your fav preggo reads? Any recommendations? Or any thoughts about the book suggestions above? Share, will ya. We’re girlfriends after all.