Emma’s Closet :: Baby Fashion

Emma and I are proud to introduce a new category on the Thrasher Home blog: Emma’s Closet.

You don’t have to shop at fancy, overpriced baby boutiques in hip San Francisco neighborhoods to dress baby in style and avoid the “all-babies-seem-to-look-the-same-in-Carter’s” outfits. We’ve been finding lots of affordable, fashionable garments all over the place: From Old Navy to H&M to Target combined with a couple of funky online retailers and only an occasional splurge every here and there. And by splurge we mean Janie & Jack’s sales rack.

Emma totally loves the fun clothes her Mama finds for her (no, really, she does) and thought it would be fun to share her latest finds in baby fashion with you. So this is not for you, mommies. This is for your trendy tots. All you have to do is navigate your mini van to the next mall.

Collection "Casual Crawling & Cruising"


Ruffled Henley, Old Navy

Leggings, Pumpkin Patch

Metallic High Top, Old Navy

Striped Dress, Old Navy

Country Kids Organic Big Dot Tights, Amazon

Sweet Shoes Wave Slip-Ons, My Baby Rocks

Denim Vest, Old Navy

There’s A Nap For That Onesie, ThinkGeek

Shorts, Janie & Jack

Striped Tights, Pumpkin Patch