Arm Chair :: Home Decor

Madeline Chair by Urban Outfitters

Mind-century inspired arm chair. $349. Available here.

A “Transportation” Inspiration Board :: Nursery Decor

I recently created this inspiration board for my friend’s baby boy’s nursery. My inspiration was our beloved city of San Francisco, their love to be out & about, and their home country, the UK.

A sophisticated nursery design for a stylish baby boy.

Shopping Resources:  grey locker bin by Crate and Barrel, wall clock by Crate and Barrel, yellow pillow by cb2, grey crochet pillow by cb2, dot wall hook by cb2, Golden Gate bridge print by Indira Albert on Etsy, yellow curtains by IKEA, neck roll by IKEA, metal letter ‘j’ by Urban Outfitters, round rug by IKEA, wall decal ‘truck UK’ on Etsy, school bus nightlight by Amazon,  Vespa love print by Indira Albert on Etsy, growth chart on Etsy, orange canvas bins by Walmart, race car piggy bank by Amazon.




The Kinderzimmer Is Done :: Nursery Decor

I’ve shared the inspiration board for Käfer’s nursery decor a long, long time ago and I’m thrilled to announce that our project has been completed two weeks before the arrival of our little baby girl. Can’t wait to hear what you think…

Our canvas - a plain and empty room.

Despite the pesky task of having to paint Käfer's room, Daddy was excited to get his daughter's nursery done.

When I looked for paint for the walls, I wanted to make sure to buy VOC free paint only. You know, no chemicals, no toxic fumes, none of that. I was excited to find this color at The Land Of Nod and after requesting a color swatch, I thought it matched my color palette perfectly. Well, unfortunately, it didn’t turn out to be what I expected. Too bad I only realized that AFTER my dear husband and our wonderful friend Yuko had painted the walls. Yes, there is ‘pain’ in painting.

Original paint color on the right, first attempt to fix it in the middle, final color on the left.

With the help of a well-known home improvement store and its knowledgeable staff in the paint section, we managed to mix and fix the color (see photo above). And Paul and Yuko went back to the drawing, um, painting board and…painted again.

Our fearless friend Yuko.

After all, it turned out to be…yes, perfect. (We probably should have named our baby girl Yuko in honor of our dear friend who kept up with this.)

On to furnishing the room…I have a love/hate relationship with Craigslist. This time, I found exactly what I was looking for and the seller was absolutely easy to work with. I even managed to haggle a bit and got the dresser for only $60. (Mind you, it’s real, solid wood and none of that IKEA stuff.) My budget was $50 but I expected to find a piece of furniture that I’d have to sand, paint and purchase new hardware for. So with this dresser being in perfect condition and painted in the right color, I was ok to pay a bit more.

Found it!

I lined the drawers with cute polka dot paper from Paper Source.

Daddy at work.

And...we're done!

Looks cozy and fun, doesn't it?

Can't wait to play with our baby girl.

Every piece of wall art has a special meaning.

Plenty of diaper changes are awaiting this lovely dresser.

I found the 'California' hook by OldNewAgain on Etsy. Love that it came in turquoise!

I love these cute suitcases from The Land Of Nod. They come in a set of three and are surprisingly affordable.

The diaper changing station.

I used an expandable curtain rod to hang Käfer's tiny cardigans and jackets. The turquoise canvas bins hold bathing supplies, the beige one holds our girl's shoes.

I’m trying to remain humble but I’m not gonna lie: I’m loving Käfer’s room and cannot wait for her to enjoy it!

Sources (as far as I can remember): crib – Walmart; mobile – Babies R Us; metal bin for toys – Target; storage ottoman – Target; arm chair – IKEA; pillow – Cost Plus; curtains – IKEA; frames for art work – IKEA, Target; crib mattress – Target; crib sheet –; dresser – Craigslist; canvas bins – Target; T.J. Maxx; curtain rod – Bed, Bath & Beyond; suitcases – Land Of Nod; wall sign – Ross.

An All-American Nursery Design :: Nursery Decor

Inspired by my pregnant British friend’s nickname for her baby boy (The Yank) and IKEA”s new (Christmas) decor items, I created this inspiration board for an All-American nursery theme. Fun and classy, don’t you think? Oh, and since it’s IKEA, you won’t have to kill the piggy bank to fund this lovely nursery.

All items available at IKEA.


Come back and visit my blog again to check out the inspiration board for the matching baby shower theme. God bless America! And your baby, of course!

Curtains With Tie-Backs :: Home Decor

Pair of orange curtains with tie-backs. 100% cotton. 57×98″. $20. Available here.

Wall Clock :: Home Decor

Retro Yellow wall clock (12″). $30. Available here.

Inky, Dinky, You’re So Stinky :: Nursery Decor

We were so excited when Käfer’s organic orthopedic cotton mattress got delivered: Another step closer to getting her room set up and ready for her arrival. As soon as Paul got home from work, he helped me remove all packaging to let the mattress air out. It was kinda smelly but we thought that would go away after a few days.


Smells like feet!


Fast forward two weeks. Let’s say the days have gone, the stink stayed.

Even worse, the mattress has meanwhile stunk up Käfer’s entire room! Needless to say that my super power pregnancy smelling sense is not really helping the situation. Every time I enter her nursery, it feels like I jumped into a dumpster full of old tennis shoes. Yikes.

After searching the entire web for old fashioned remedies to get that odor out of our mattress, it seems like we may be on the hunt again for a new mattress after we returned this one.

Boo for returning stuff.

Boo for having to start over again.

Boo for not wanting to buy organic again – at least not for a mattress.

Boo, boo, boo.

Storage Baskets :: Home Decor


These paper rope baskets help you put clutter in its place while adding a pop of color to any room in the house. I will get the Orange ones for our nursery and the Aqua ones probably for every other room. 12″Sq. x 6.5″H. $9. Available here.

Leather Arm Chair :: Home Decor

Cloud Blue leather arm chair. $250. Available here.

Storage Bench :: Home Decor

Retro storage bench. In Sea Cloud. 38.5″w, 18″h, 18″d. $250. Available here.