Blame It On The Baby :: Did I Stop Being An Entrepreneur When I Became A Mom?

I just got home from dinner with Alison, the owner of Two For Two Cakes in San Francisco. When I was still dreaming the dream of growing Wishcraft Design into a thriving small business, Alison was my confidante and partner in crime. We attended workshops and seminars together, worked alongside each other in our homes and coffee shops. We bounced ideas off each other and discussed exciting topics like pricing, marketing, competition, bookkeeping and how on earth we will ever be able to shop at Anthropologie again.

I crafted these for a Wishcraft Design client.

Then I got pregnant. Which was the perfect excuse for me to shut down my business and blame it on the baby. I prefer to tell people who ask me about my business that I decided to focus entirely on being a stay-at-home mom. Truth is, I didn’t have enough clients to keep the business going and I had run out of ideas for client acquisition. Disappointment and feelings of rejection took over and got hold of me. ‘Failure’ seemed to be written all over my dream. Thankfully, we didn’t invest a lot of money – besides sacrificing the nice salary I earned at an advertising agency. And I managed to pay off most of my startup costs with the projects I had.

A flower arrangement created by Mrs. Thrasher.

Today, as my friend filled me in on the status of her biggest (business) project to date – the opening of her own shop – I began to miss my entrepreneurial times and asked myself if I fought enough. Did I give up too easily? Did my dream die with my business?

Even though I love being a fulltime mom to Emma, I miss that recognition and affirmation you get from a signed client agreement and paycheck. When your client realizes that hiring you was a smart decision because you simplified her life. When you look at photos of an event and know that you created something your client truly appreciated and couldn’t have accomplished without you. When I traded party planning for naptime planning and event decor for nursery decor, I thought I had stopped being an entrepreneur. Suddenly, I realized that my desire to turn my passion into something people want (to pay for) was just buried under dirty diapers and plush toys. In fact, tt’s still in me. (Or why would I use about any occasion to (help) throw a party, coordinate or decorate something?)

Turning my passions into (paid) projects.

I just need to find out how I can live out my creativity without compromising my goal to be a great mom. Because no matter how much I long to create, more than anything I want to seize every day watching my little daughter grow up, guiding her, shaping her and praying that my efforts will be fruitful.

Advice, ideas or job inquiries welcome. Do you have the entrepreneur gene in you? Are you a working or stay-at-home mom? How do you feel about pursuing your dreams while striving to be Super Mom? Or is becoming Super Mom your dream?

Excuse The Dust :: Thrasher Home Blog Makeover

Yikes, Thrasher Home looks kinda unfinished right now. It’s ok, you can be honest. It’s like a new house that I’ve just moved into. Exciting empty spaces, promising decor ideas. Yet, you wouldn’t necessarily host a party just yet. Walls still need to be painted, there’s no name on the door bell yet, no art is hanging on the walls, only a few necessities have been unpacked while the rest is still sitting in boxes in the basement.

Please bear with me as I’m in the process of a major blog make over: Fresh design, new framework, improved navigation, less categories, more widgets. Goal is to have everything ready by November 1st when I launch my Adoption Awareness Blog Project.

Also, I really don’t like that header that came with my new blog theme. If you have mad photoshop skills and a bit of spare time on your hands, please let me know. I’d cook for you, watch your baby, make favors for your next event, organize your closet – you name it.

  • Whatcha think of the new design so far?

Crafty Birth Announcements :: DIY

Even before Emma was born, I started designing her birth announcements already. Yeah, I’m THAT person. (Would now be a good time to tell you that I’m already gathering ideas for Emma’s first birthday party?)

Here’s what we sent out to friends and family to share our excitement about Emma’s arrival:

Emma's crafty birth announcements.

Here’s what I did:

  1. I designed a sash with the birth information and printed it on light weight vellum paper.
  2. I picked a cheeky photo of Emma from our recent family photo shoot and ordered 50 prints on Snapfish.
  3. Of course, the color palette for Emma’s nursery had to be represented. All materials and paper found at Paper Source.
  4. I glued the photo to the cards, cut the sash, wrapped it around the card, closed it in the back with scotch tape and repeated that process 49 times. (With a newborn on my hands, it took me forever to complete this project.)
  5. I was surprised that I figured out how to set up the file (in Word) to print the addresses directly onto each envelope.
  6. I used the Word templates provided by Paper Source to design the address labels and used them to close each envelope.
  7. Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

And here are the products I used:

Can’t wait to design the invitations for her first birthday party!


Arm Chair :: Home Decor

Madeline Chair by Urban Outfitters

Mind-century inspired arm chair. $349. Available here.

A “Transportation” Inspiration Board :: Nursery Decor

I recently created this inspiration board for my friend’s baby boy’s nursery. My inspiration was our beloved city of San Francisco, their love to be out & about, and their home country, the UK.

A sophisticated nursery design for a stylish baby boy.

Shopping Resources:  grey locker bin by Crate and Barrel, wall clock by Crate and Barrel, yellow pillow by cb2, grey crochet pillow by cb2, dot wall hook by cb2, Golden Gate bridge print by Indira Albert on Etsy, yellow curtains by IKEA, neck roll by IKEA, metal letter ‘j’ by Urban Outfitters, round rug by IKEA, wall decal ‘truck UK’ on Etsy, school bus nightlight by Amazon,  Vespa love print by Indira Albert on Etsy, growth chart on Etsy, orange canvas bins by Walmart, race car piggy bank by Amazon.




An All-American Nursery Design :: Nursery Decor

Inspired by my pregnant British friend’s nickname for her baby boy (The Yank) and IKEA”s new (Christmas) decor items, I created this inspiration board for an All-American nursery theme. Fun and classy, don’t you think? Oh, and since it’s IKEA, you won’t have to kill the piggy bank to fund this lovely nursery.

All items available at IKEA.


Come back and visit my blog again to check out the inspiration board for the matching baby shower theme. God bless America! And your baby, of course!

Curtains With Tie-Backs :: Home Decor

Pair of orange curtains with tie-backs. 100% cotton. 57×98″. $20. Available here.

Wall Clock :: Home Decor

Retro Yellow wall clock (12″). $30. Available here.

Storage Bench :: Home Decor

Retro storage bench. In Sea Cloud. 38.5″w, 18″h, 18″d. $250. Available here.

Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart :: Nursery Decor

We just ordered the crib for Käfer: modern design, non-toxic finish, solid wood, no paper press board, totally within our budget and free shipping – who would have thought we’d find this gem at Walmart? Thanks to a few babysitting gigs over the past few weeks, we were able to save a few bucks and finally put in our order.

She better sleeps through the night after all this excitement about her sleeping place.

There are so many beautiful cribs out there which makes it really hard to chose. But then, let’s be real, do we really have to put $1,000 on the table for a bed for a tiny baby??? Um, nope, we don’t. So I turned to one of my favorites bloggers who seem to reflect our taste, style, passion for DYI and more importantly their determination to shop in a budget. Enter: Young House Love. When these bloggers showed me their research, their reasoning and their budget, I said yes please, sign me up for a Walmart crib. (By the way, used cribs on Craigslist are selling for almost the same amount of moolah. So, yeah.)

While we were saving up for that precious piece of furniture, Walmart kept selling out this specific item. Remember that feeling when you found this stunning pair of shoes but you couldn’t afford it that moment and told yourself you’d come back to get it later? Just to find out they’ve been sold and cannot be found anywhere? And then you suddenly have this feeling of deep regrets asking yourself “Why didn’t I just buy them?”. Yeah, that’s when you realize how badly you want something. (Gosh, how superficial am I right now?)

Anyways, I signed up to be alerted as soon as the crib was back in stock. Email arrived. Purchase decision confirmed with the husband. Ordered. Done.

I cannot wait to put it all together (or watch Paul putting it all together) and start decorating our girl’s little room. Now, off to hunting down a used dresser on Craigslist. But that’s probably enough material for a separate post…