Interior Decor :: Easy Bathroom Facelift Under $120

As some of you know, we live in a rental house which leaves us hesitant towards investing a lot of money or time into major home improvement projects. But I would feel like a fish without water if I wouldn’t find inexpensive solutions to create a living space I love.

I recently gave our small bathroom a budget-friendly facelift and changed up the color palette a bit. Behold, no Turquoise, Aqua or Teal to be found in the bathroom at Thrasher Home.

Charcoal, Spring Green and White

First order of business: Using an old gift card, I replaced our Brown and Beige towels with new ones in Charcoal and Spring Green. To add more storage, I hung a white lacquered wall cabinet (scored on Craigslist for $20). Ever since we moved in, I’ve been wanting to upgrade our existing, cheap towel bars with flashy new ones but so far I couldn’t justify that admittedly quite unnecessary expense. I added it to the inspiration board, though. Because it’s pretty.

If you don’t have a gift card lying around to splurge on new towels, here are some other ideas for a quick bathroom refresher for under $120. I wish I could say under $100 but I really wanted to include the cool light fixture for you.

  • New shower curtain. Keep it low budget by using clear plastic shower curtain rings ($2) or simply keep your old ones. $27.
  • Add a pretty soap dispenser or clear apothecary jars filled with bath essentials. $6-$10. (If you are a bargain shopper, hit Ross, TJ Maxx or Marshalls for bath accessories.)
  • Go bold with a bright colored bath mat matching your shower curtain. $11.
  • Flashy chrome towel bar. $15.
  • Fun little trash can with lid (toddler safe – until she figures that step thing out). $17.
  • Rental or not, I think a new, modern light fixture above the sink can change the entire room. I liked this contemporary, no-frills option from IKEA. And who said you’ll have to leave it when you move out. $39.
Love the inspiration board? Check out my nursery inspiration boards: All-American Nursery, Transportation Nursery, Emma’s Nursery and make sure to follow me on Pinterest where I reveal my sources.

If you use any ideas or products found by Thrasher Home, please be kind and credit my blog with a link to this post. Dankeschoen!

Orange Capiz & Turquoise Napkin Ring :: Table Decor

I’m still totally obsessed with the color palette for Emma’s nursery and DIY birth announcements. So it’s only natural that I had to share these with you. Aren’t these pretty?

Orange Capiz & Turquoise Napkin Ring available at Pier 1 Imports

Available at Pier 1 Imports on sale for $5.56 each.

The Kinderzimmer Is Done :: Nursery Decor

I’ve shared the inspiration board for Käfer’s nursery decor a long, long time ago and I’m thrilled to announce that our project has been completed two weeks before the arrival of our little baby girl. Can’t wait to hear what you think…

Our canvas - a plain and empty room.

Despite the pesky task of having to paint Käfer's room, Daddy was excited to get his daughter's nursery done.

When I looked for paint for the walls, I wanted to make sure to buy VOC free paint only. You know, no chemicals, no toxic fumes, none of that. I was excited to find this color at The Land Of Nod and after requesting a color swatch, I thought it matched my color palette perfectly. Well, unfortunately, it didn’t turn out to be what I expected. Too bad I only realized that AFTER my dear husband and our wonderful friend Yuko had painted the walls. Yes, there is ‘pain’ in painting.

Original paint color on the right, first attempt to fix it in the middle, final color on the left.

With the help of a well-known home improvement store and its knowledgeable staff in the paint section, we managed to mix and fix the color (see photo above). And Paul and Yuko went back to the drawing, um, painting board and…painted again.

Our fearless friend Yuko.

After all, it turned out to be…yes, perfect. (We probably should have named our baby girl Yuko in honor of our dear friend who kept up with this.)

On to furnishing the room…I have a love/hate relationship with Craigslist. This time, I found exactly what I was looking for and the seller was absolutely easy to work with. I even managed to haggle a bit and got the dresser for only $60. (Mind you, it’s real, solid wood and none of that IKEA stuff.) My budget was $50 but I expected to find a piece of furniture that I’d have to sand, paint and purchase new hardware for. So with this dresser being in perfect condition and painted in the right color, I was ok to pay a bit more.

Found it!

I lined the drawers with cute polka dot paper from Paper Source.

Daddy at work.

And...we're done!

Looks cozy and fun, doesn't it?

Can't wait to play with our baby girl.

Every piece of wall art has a special meaning.

Plenty of diaper changes are awaiting this lovely dresser.

I found the 'California' hook by OldNewAgain on Etsy. Love that it came in turquoise!

I love these cute suitcases from The Land Of Nod. They come in a set of three and are surprisingly affordable.

The diaper changing station.

I used an expandable curtain rod to hang Käfer's tiny cardigans and jackets. The turquoise canvas bins hold bathing supplies, the beige one holds our girl's shoes.

I’m trying to remain humble but I’m not gonna lie: I’m loving Käfer’s room and cannot wait for her to enjoy it!

Sources (as far as I can remember): crib – Walmart; mobile – Babies R Us; metal bin for toys – Target; storage ottoman – Target; arm chair – IKEA; pillow – Cost Plus; curtains – IKEA; frames for art work – IKEA, Target; crib mattress – Target; crib sheet –; dresser – Craigslist; canvas bins – Target; T.J. Maxx; curtain rod – Bed, Bath & Beyond; suitcases – Land Of Nod; wall sign – Ross.

Devine Design :: Home Decor

If you are thinking about decorating your home with meaningful art and were wondering how you could be displaying bold but beautiful statements of faith, you may struggle to find modern design that reflects your style AND your beliefs.

Search no more, sister. Here is God’s gift for us: faith inspired art by Red Letter Words.

This one is definitely on my wish list for Christmas this year.

And if scripture is a bit too much for you, Dee (artist and designer at Red Letter Words) has created some lovely pieces inspired by her travel adventures.

Schaf, Pferd, Kuh Und Schwein :: Nursery Decor

I do have to get these vintage farm animal cards for Käfer’s nursery. Right?

Paul could take that opportunity and learn the words as well. Question is: Who would learn the words faster – Baby or Paul?

I’m taking bets.

Rocking Chair :: Interior Decor

I thought I’d start a new category that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with babies. Come back for more treasures and finds that will probably be…turquoise or a shade thereof.

This chair rocks – literally. I totally want this lovely piece of furniture for our living room. Color: Robins Egg Blue. But you knew that, right?

Mid-Century Rocking Chair by Urban Outfiitters. So on my wish list...

Canvas Artwork :: Home Decor

This would be the perfect addition to my beach house-inspired living room decor. Wrapped canvas artwork. 40″ x 60″. $400. Available here.