A “Transportation” Inspiration Board :: Nursery Decor

I recently created this inspiration board for my friend’s baby boy’s nursery. My inspiration was our beloved city of San Francisco, their love to be out & about, and their home country, the UK.

A sophisticated nursery design for a stylish baby boy.

Shopping Resources:  grey locker bin by Crate and Barrel, wall clock by Crate and Barrel, yellow pillow by cb2, grey crochet pillow by cb2, dot wall hook by cb2, Golden Gate bridge print by Indira Albert on Etsy, yellow curtains by IKEA, neck roll by IKEA, metal letter ‘j’ by Urban Outfitters, round rug by IKEA, wall decal ‘truck UK’ on Etsy, school bus nightlight by Amazon,  Vespa love print by Indira Albert on Etsy, growth chart on Etsy, orange canvas bins by Walmart, race car piggy bank by Amazon.




An All-American Nursery Design :: Nursery Decor

Inspired by my pregnant British friend’s nickname for her baby boy (The Yank) and IKEA”s new (Christmas) decor items, I created this inspiration board for an All-American nursery theme. Fun and classy, don’t you think? Oh, and since it’s IKEA, you won’t have to kill the piggy bank to fund this lovely nursery.

All items available at IKEA.


Come back and visit my blog again to check out the inspiration board for the matching baby shower theme. God bless America! And your baby, of course!