Interior Decor :: Living Room + Front Room in SoCal :: Part Two

(If you use any ideas or products found by Thrasher Home, please be kind and credit my blog with a link to this post. Dankeschoen!)

After several hours of measuring, brainstorming, floor planning, furniture hunting, buying and arranging, here’s finally…an ‘In Between’ update on my recent interior decor project. My job is not entirely done because we’re still missing a few accent pieces and after a sudden change of heart on the ‘client’ side, I’ll have to reconsider the floor plan for the play room.

Before ‘Living Room’

Get the complete ‘Before’ scoop on this project here.


Can you find my little helper?


An outdated living room with faded and bulky furniture waiting to be transformed into a soothing, contemporary living space.

Let’s take a sneak preview into my shopping cart: Two gorgeous leather ottomans from Crate and Barrel, a comfy chair and colorful toss pillows from Cost Plus, accessories from Marshalls, Ross and TJ Maxx. You can get a pretty good idea of how I will be translating the color scheme.


And that was just the beginning...

In Between ‘Living Room’

As much as I would like to title this section ‘After’, I am not done yet. During my last trip to SoCal, we almost finished the living room but realized that we still have a bit more work ahead of us with the play room. Especially, after my MIL decided that she now wanted to add a larger book shelf to the room. (We initially agreed on a few floating wall shelves.) That changes the floor plan for the play room quite a bit.

When looking at the photos below, bear in mind that we’re still adding a few pieces of furniture and accessories. Despite the uncompleted stage of this interior decor project, I’m going to share a few snapshots with you. Because you asked so kindly.


Almost there. Still on the hunt for an accent chair and possibly another solution for the space under the right window. Maybe a sideboard or little cabinet?


This beautiful bookcase by Crate and Barrel did the job - sleek and simple. To the right you see my MIL's collection of crosses displayed. She's been wanting to put them up for years and we finally gave them a worthy spot. Since Sharon travels a lot, the wall will be filled with finds from all over the world.


The wall art will be displayed on a picture ledge matching the dark wood of the media shelf. And we have a lot more pictures to add.


More accessories and wall decor to be added...I am not sure if I'm really liking the leaf-shaped side table. What do you think?


I'm very much in love with this capiz base table lamp I scored at one of the three Marshalls I went to. One of my MIL's concerns was that the color scheme may turn out to dark. Which I addressed with cream colored accessories.

So, what do you think? Share your comments and ask away about where I found the furniture and decor items.